Will You Buy Me a Dior Dress?

February 13, 2008 • Fashion

Jean Seberg, 1960

As I was watching Jean-Luc Godard’s A bout de souffle (1960), better known as Breathless in the UK and US, I heard one of the funniest lines, in my opinion, in cinematic history. Jean Paul Belmondo’s character, Michael Poiccard, is driving in Paris with Patricia Franchini, played by Jean Seberg. She looks at him and asks, "Will you buy me a Dior dress?" and he replies, "You can get a much nicer dress in a chain store. You don’t go to Dior to buy a dress, you go to use the telephone."


Christian Dior, 1954

Well, the Parisian couture house must have changed over the past 48 years, because I think we all agree it would be much more exciting to buy a dress at Dior than use the telephone (hey, that would be pretty fun, too). Jean Seberg must have been a woman ahead of her time. Let’s see what she may have had in mind then, and what a Dior dress looks like fifty years later.

A model wearing Dior in Paris, 1959


Mary Jane Russel in Dior Dress, 1950, by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Image: artline.com

Dior Square Neck Silk Dress, $349, on sale

Dior Leopard Dress, $2,985

Dior Jaquard Sheath Dress, $2,110

Dior Chiffon Bow Dress, $5,000

Dior Inverted Pleat Dress, $1,690

Dior Cap Sleeve Dress, $2,885

So, tomorrow, do as Jean Seberg did and ask your valentine, "Will you buy me a Dior dress?"

—Emilie Furda

Images: IMDb, google

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