Bling/Jewelry. Five Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Own

February 15, 2008 • Accessories


Lauren Flemming for Second City Style Magazine

For every wardrobe, there are essential items that serve as a
foundation to build your outfits on. The same goes for jewelry, except
that you don’t have to build on or around the piece. Jewelry staples
are the pieces that go with everything and have seen trend after trend
but still emerge as the chic forerunners. If you don’t have these
classics in your jewelry box, start saving now because they’re the
smartest jewelry investments you can make.

Number One: Diamond Solitaire Earrings
The rule of thumb is… diamonds always always always look incredible.
On anybody. At any time. This staple should seem like a no-brainer, but
at the risk of sounding obvious, diamond studs top the list. If your
budget is tight, rhinestone and cubic zirconia studs achieve
essentially the same thing — but you should invest in the real deal
when possible. Class, grace, style, simplicity, never has an item so
small and so unassuming done so much for the female race.
is an easy place to purchase your first pair because they offer an
endless variety of options and usually offer discounts, as well as low
shipping costs. If you prefer a brand name to fall back on, Tiffany and Co. is the brand name for diamonds.

Diamond Solitaires $3,239.99, Overstock

Number Two: Bangles
I think bracelets are the underestimated jewelry pieces. They’re kind
of the wild card that often surprises you. But donning a set of gold or
silver bangles gives you a very polished look for very little effort.
They have a natural transcendence from day to night, from sophisticated
to sexy. These should be your go-to item when in a fix; they’re as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans and just as versatile.

Citrine by the Stones $90, Net-a-porter

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