NYC Shopping. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…Blue Tree

February 15, 2008 • Shopping


Yes, Blue Tree is the store Phoebe Cates owns. As it turned out she was interviewed about her Upper East Side store on CNBC’s Donny Deutsch "The Big Idea" the night before I was to check it out.  So I had some idea what to expect. Her
husband, Kevin Kline, who initially wasn’t crazy about the idea even
came up with the name of her shop in reference to the tree outside the

Now I was just curious to not only experience the store, but meet Phoebe Cates. After all…every American teenage guy I grew up with loved
her in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ (while I pined for Brad Hamilton
and adored Spicoli), but to me Phoebe will always be my favorite Seventeen Magazine
model (the few years I subscribed as a young girl). When she left, I
dropped my subscription. Scarily, she looks almost exactly the same!

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