Bad Idea. Gucci ‘I Fug NY Bag’

February 19, 2008 • Fashion


We shouldn’t have to explain why this bag is a very bad idea. However, Gucci needs to explain how/why it created something so…UGLY! This bag screams…tacky. We first saw the ad plastered on the back of a WWD during NY Fashion Week and thought it must be a joke. It isn’t. You can actually buy this atrocity at Gucci. The bag was designed by Frida Gianni in honor of Gucci’s Fifth Avenue megastore. What an honor to completely rip off the NY ad campaign. Very original.

We are counting the days the street vendors in NYC start knocking these off…like Goyard hideousness. It doesn’t matter if you are from NYC or not, don’t carry this bag…it’s not cool. No really.

Save your $770!

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2 Responses to Bad Idea. Gucci ‘I Fug NY Bag’

  1. Alana Joy says:

    Ew. I agree completely. When a REAL bag looks as tacky as a fake one right out of the store, there is a problem. A serious problem.

  2. Trendinista says:

    Dear God. Even the NY street vendors won’t sell this thing. *ugh*

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