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February 19, 2008 • Girl Gab (Gossip)


OK, we at Second City Style do not try to be nor want to be a gossip/celebrity blog except when it has to do with fashion, of course. However, we are going to start to repost some ‘blind items’ because inquiring minds, like ours want to know who you think they are referring to. Truth is, we are pretty bad at figuring them out and are asking for your help! Leave comments with your guesses. Especially #2!

From today’s NY Post:

#1. Which D-list TV star, who’s famous for getting paid to party, distracts
skirted ladies by pouring liquor down their throats as he gropes them?

#2. Which fashion designer is lying to her actor beau? While she
proclaims her love for her man, New York insiders say she really
prefers "butch Mexican and Latino women."

#3. Which sweetheart Oscar
winner doesn’t always have a heart as golden as her locks? She’s known
for introducing her best friend for 10 years as "my assistant" when
around other Hollywood types.

Come on, help us out!

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