Runway to Real Way. Thank You, Fashion Week!

February 19, 2008 • Runway/Realway


Jenn Scott for Second City Style Magazine

New York Fashion Week festivities have left throngs of people
wanting more. After a week chalk full of exciting fashion-forward
apparel, I’m sure you are left wondering how you will ever be able to
achieve the look of the runway.

Even though the runway styles seem to be untouchable, there is a way
to happily clad your body with styles that resemble the designers’ hard
work. As fashion morphs from one style to another, the runway offers a clear look of some distinct pieces that your closet will crave.

Fashion Week serves as a guidebook to the basics and urges everyone
to explore their own fashion identity. These must-haves will make the
last few months of winter bearable, while helping to usher in the first
signs of some much needed warmth.

1. Lots of fabric is a trend of the upcoming season.
Whether you chose to wear a dress that is draped with loads of fabric
or a piece that has a specific concentration of fabric in one area —
the more the merrier!

This trend creates tons of drama and volume to the look that you are
trying to achieve. The level of professionalism that this look
generates makes it a perfect fit for office attire or a night out with

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