Milan Fall ’08 Fashion Week. Giorgio Armani’s Free Spirit

February 20, 2008 • Fashion Shows


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As a lifelong fan of Giorgio Armani, I have to say, this collection left me cold. It pains me to say this, but what a disappointment.

Armani claimed this collection was "Free-spirited." Why did he have to get in touch with this side? We love Armani for his loose structure. The "King of Suits" instead focused on some unflattering bubble skirts, scary 80’s harem pants and free-flowing dresses. Woman who look to Armani for figure-flattering apparel are not going to be happy…at all. Armani also played with feminine flowers, plastering them on longer skirts, knitting them into the lining of fur and scattering them them across a sheer tulle top.

Reminiscent of Spanish flamenco dancers, Armani draped loosely knit scarves and wraps over a ton of fringed gypsy dresses. He ended the show with bubble gum like dresses which really left us perplexed. It was a little too costume like and unflattering.

Photos: NYMag

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