Color Trends. Is One The Loveliest Number For Colors?

February 21, 2008 • Fashion


Many people have a signature color, or at least a few favorite shades they tend to reach for. However, some take it to a whole new level, wearing nothing but one particular hue, and even decorating their homes to match their monochromatic wardrobe.

For instance, NY Magazine profiled five people who have chosen to restrict their wardrobes to just one color: blue, gray, white/pink, green, and brown.  Is it "Commitment? Art project? OCD? Five New Yorkers who wear only one color all day, every day (and it’s not black)."

I guess I can respect their desire for simplicity and there is something about restricting your wardrobe to only one color that lends itself to creativity in regard to texture, layering, and silhouette, but I could never do it myself – I enjoy color too much!

—Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style

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