Project Runway Season Four. The Reunion Memorable Quotes

February 21, 2008 • Lifestyle



There isn’t much to say about a reunion show other than the fact they usually suck. However, this one surprised us, in a good way. Why? For once the judges and Tim Gunn seemed human, relaxed, open and real in their responses. Additionally, we were fortunately blessed with seeing footage not previously aired. Typically these reunion shows are a chance to re-air what we have already until we are nauseous. Boring.


Some surprises…Rami and Chris holding hands. Rami being very likable (they really didn’t show that before). Victorya being more uptight than usual and super unfriendly. Christian winning the fan favorite check. I would have bet on Chris.

One more thing…we love how Bravo wants us to beleive the reunion was taped before Bryant Park, but Tim and Heidi discussed Victorya’s show during Fashion Week. That means that Chris and Rami knew who made it to the finals last night. Considering Rami was so warm towards Chris, our money is on Rami making it all the way. Chris would be gracious. That’s why we love him.



(clockwise) Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors

Memorable Quotes:

"My favorite part is when celebrities accost me." – Sweet P

"Jesus, the kid is screwed." – Steven about Rami

"How long did you spend on your hair?" -Heidi Klum to Christian

"I did it like four times." – Christian in response about his hair

"I was in total, absolute, mortified shock." – Sweet P

"It’s the world stage of fashion. The Superbowl." – Chris about the show

"Victorya’s always a little uptight. Or is it just me?" – Heidi Klum

"I’m trying so hard on this show, not to be gay." – Kevyn

"Maybe I was gay in my former life. I don’t know, but it doesn’t bother me." – Kevyn

"If being on Project Runway doesn’t make you gay, I don’t know what will." – Tim Gunn

"It’s a tranny mess. A hot mess." – Christian

"I know in the context of Project Runway they see me as from another planet." -Elise

"She’s like Mork from Mork and Mindy." – Kevyn about Elise

"Keep your brainwaves off me." – Chris to Elise

"I don’t cry all that much. I’m very emotional, but I can control it." – Ricky

"I didn’t realize I was going to cry like a woman." – Ricky

"So what? I cried." – Ricky

"Even mothers have to love ugly children." – Chris

"It is cute if you hear it a couple of times, but if you hear it all day long it begins to get a little painful." – Jillian about Chris’ laugh

"Chris’ laugh in general is out of control." – Christian

"Michael Kors just lost it!" – Chris

"I’m supposed to be poker faced." – Michael Kors

"It was like a kid in church." – Sweet P about Michael Kors’ laughing fit

"It was unexpected to see Michael Kors crack like that." – Jillian

"You all tapped into your personal divas." – Tim Gunn about the WWF challenge

"I’ve been called Meana Garcia." – Nina Garcia

"You name it, I did (wore) it." – Michael Kors about his style in his youth

"I would never give up the idea of being young and ridiculous in fashion." – Michael Kors

"What do you guys write on the cards?" – Chris

"We’re back here again? Jesus Christ!" – Kevyn about the prom challenge

"You need to love what you do and have a passion for what you do." – Rami

"This (Project Runway) is just show time…times a thousand." – Michael Kors

"We’re going to share it. Cocktails for everyone!" – Christian about his Fan Favorite check.

"I’m kinda a celebrity…in my own head." – Christian

"That squeaky little voice could just be like nails on a chalkboard." – Jillian about Christian’s love of the word ‘fierce.’

"This is party (one side of his hair), this is business (the other side of his hair) and this (face) is the money maker." – Christian

Update: Blogging Project Runway just informed us the reunion was tapped in the middle of Fashion Week, so Victorya had already showed, but the Project Runway finalists had not. However, our money is still on Rami.

Photos: BravoTV

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