Red Carpet Stylist Advice. Ten Tips So the Red Carpet is Not the Dread Carpet.

February 25, 2008 • Fashion

Cate Adair with Nicolette Sheridan

I had an opportunity to sit with ‘Desperate Housewives’ costume designer/stylist Cate Adiar last week where we discussed Red Carpet tips. Let’s face it, not all of us mere mortals have a need to dress for a real red carpet, but there usually comes a time when you have to kick it up a few notches. So these tips are for those show stopper glam events where you must look your best (whether it’s a reunion, wedding or black tie event).

1. Do the first fitting (or initial shopping) without  having your hair and makeup done. Figure, if you look good sans makeup you are going to look absolutely fabulous when its all pulled together.

2. Try the gown on with the undergarments you plan to wear (or not). It makes a huge difference to the fit.

3. Make sure your hair and makeup are stylistically in sync with the outfit. Otherwise, they can sink the ensemble.

4. When it comes to jewelry sometimes less is more and the unexpected can be fun.

Cate_adair_2 5. One of the first accessories people notice is the handbag. make sure it compliments the outfit and carry essentials for the after party, such as ballet flats if you can fit them, lipstick, keys and identification.

6. Chose a shoe you can walk in an agrees with the fabric of the dress. A jeweled shoe might look great, but is a bad choice if it snags the fabric.

7. Carry the dress. Don’t let the dress carry you. That means choose and outfit within your safety zone. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look fabulous. If you don’t ‘feel’ fabulous – it’s never going to work.

8. Sometimes too tight is worse than too loose.

9. Don’t over dry clean which can dull or make a garment too shiny.

10. Sometimes the sale rack is there for a reason. Just ‘sail’ right by.

Bonus Tip: "For the stylish women it’s not so much how her outfits make her look, but how they make her feel. Style, when done right, does not so much cover up a person as it reveals who they are…or can be. Style helps a women become herself. It’s not so much how the woman carries a gorgeous handbag, but it’s the stunning way she carries herself with it draped over her shoulder. Feeling beautiful invokes beautiful feelings."

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