Oscar Bling Heist. Thieves Steal $20 Million From Jeweler During Awards!

February 26, 2008 • Accessories

Best Supporting Actress winner Tilda Swinton in a Damiani diamond bracelet at Sunday’s Oscars

Speaking of Tilda Swinton and George Clooney…how ‘Ocean’s 11’ is this?   According to today’s NY Post, thieves pulled an Oscar-night heist by tunneling into famous
jeweler Damiani’s store in Milan, Italy while company bosses partied thousands of miles away in L.A.

Seven robbers
dressed as cops busted through Damiani’s cellar walls and tied up
shocked employees before pocketing $20 million Sunday night. It could have been more, but thankfully some of Damiani’s most valuable
jewels were on the arms, necks and ears of Hollywood’s glammed up red carpet beauties.

The police maintain the Damiani robbery had been in the works since Christmas. The thieves took advantage of a nearby construction site just
behind the showroom. At night the robbers shoveled and dug a tunnel three feet in diameter inside
the empty building under construction.

Once the gang of seven
robbers broke into Damiani, they took an internal staircase into the
showroom to avoid any closed-circuit cameras. Five workers (three Damiani employees, a caterer and a
cleaning woman) were preparing for an Oscar-night
party when the robbers came through the walls.

All the victims were taken to a bathroom and bound, while the thieves
forced the manager to show them to safety-deposit boxes, police said.

Even though the robbers made no effort to conceal their
identity, detectives said they’ll treat this heist as an inside job
because of the suspects’ intricate knowledge of the Damiani offices.

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