Blahnik Tonic. We Wish More Chicagoans Would ‘Shoes’ Style Over Warmth

February 27, 2008 • Accessories


This article was sent to us as a ‘public service announcement.’ From The Chicago Methods Reporter comes this concern for women’s digits in the freezing cold, blustery dog days of Chicago winter. Thing is, we only wish we saw more woman in Chicago wearing heels in the winter! Lord knows we see enough Uggs and equally terrifying choices of footwear.

OK, so admittedly we learned it takes just five minutes for a woman in high-heeled shoes to get
frostbite if she’s standing outside in weather below zero. Add damp
conditions to the mix and it could happen even faster. So our advice…move quickly! Or wear high-heeled boots. Sandals in snow are just ridiculous.

Read "Public safety for feet: Shoes-ing style over warmth" here

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