Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?

February 27, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Let’s see what’s going on inside the ring this week…

Molly Sims vs. Gwen Stefani in Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

Winner: This is a tough one, because let’s face it, this dress is perfect for the pregnant woman. However, Sims pays up the whole hippie look well and takes it for an evening out. She works the whole look. Stefani looks awesome for a very pregnant woman, but the cardigan is a bit heavy with this dress and it’s almost too big. We love the sippy cup accessory though!


Carrie Underwood vs. Lauren Conrad in a Betsey Johnson coat

Winner: Is it even a question? Lauren of course! This coat gets lost on Carrie. With Lauren, it’s the main feature and you notice the great collar and 3/4 length sleeves better. Great paring of shoes too!


Sienna Miller vs. Katie Holmes in Alexander McQueen

Winner: It pains me to say this, but Katie Holmes is rocking this Alexander McQueen sheath a bit better. Had Sienna raised the hem a bit, she would have been a contender. We always say (and it bares repeating)…every woman should have a tailor! Seriously. There are very few of us that can wear something right off the rack. That includes you! The more you pay for the item, do yourself a favor and spend the extra $ on getting the item fitted so you love it and wear it forever.

Keira Knightley vs. Lil Mama in Chanel

Winner: Keira Knightly. This isn’t to say we wouldn’t rock the matching shrug too. What a great option for those of us who don’t bench press every day. We had to declare a winner though.

Rachel McAdams vs. Drew Barrymore in Gucci

Winner: Rachel McAdams by a few rounds. The heavy tights and matronly patent shoes Drew chose do not match the feminine style of the dress. Her handbag is also too ‘daytime’. A clutch would have been a better choice.


Nicky Hilton vs. Hilary Duff in a Nikka dress

Winner: We are going to have to go with Nicky. Mostly because of the shoes. We can’t stand the white pointy-toe style Hilary has chosen. Nicky wear this dress the right way…as a little light daytime frock. Perfect for throwing on and running errands.

Photos: people.com

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2 Responses to Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?

  1. Trendinista says:

    Totally agree with Katie Holmes as the winner, but I have to give props to my girl Drew (because she could probably rock a potato sack!)

  2. Hee, hee. Good point, but I’m afraid Rachel won this particular match. Drew does generally rock though :)Hey, we are all for a little imperfection…we dig quirkiness. But, you have to pick a winner for the smackdown. Them’s the rules. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. OK, not really. We love the game!

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