Counterfeit Luxury: Busted! Canal Street ‘Counterfeit Triangle’ Raided and Shuttered

February 27, 2008 • Fashion


According to WWD, the collection of
buildings in Chinatown occupying a city block and operating as a
virtual mall for counterfeit goods also known as Counterfeit Triangle has been shuttered. They were raided by New York City police
officers yesterday morning, resulting in the seizure of more than $1
million in knockoff accessories and fragrances bearing some of the
fashion industry’s best-known labels, including Prada, Fendi, Coach,
Rolex, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

The block was found to house 32
storefronts illegally selling fake goods. The three raided buildings are owned
by the Vincent Terranova estate, a landlord who city officials said has
knowingly rented out space to counterfeit retailers dating as far back
as 1999.

During a press conference, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was one of the largest
takedowns of trademark copiers in the city’s history and proves New York’s
get-tough attitude toward counterfeiters.

The mayor said, "[The
Counterfeit Triangle] has been one of the most notorious knockoff
shopping malls in the five boroughs, one with more than 150 employees
operating with impunity 10 or more hours a day, seven days a week, even
while the building owners were under a long-standing federal court
order to stop counterfeiting activities."

No arrests have been made, but city officials will move quickly to
issue violations of health and safety codes that will result in orders
to vacate the premises, effectively shutting the buildings down.

"We want all
companies in this country and this world to understand if they come to
New York, we will protect their rights," Bloomberg said. "We’re going
to go after anybody that tries to defraud them."

also had a message for the throngs of tourists that continue to flood
Chinatown in search of knockoff labels: "This is the wrong place to
come if you want to buy stolen merchandise. We are not a place that
engages in criminal activity."

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