Bad Idea. Heel-Less Shoes…On Purpose

February 28, 2008 • Accessories


Yes, we did a double take too. Just when you thought you had seen everything and concluded like us the high-heel craze had gotten out of hand topping off at 5 inches, along comes this shoe that really makes us think…how stupid does one have to be? Introducing the Antonio Beradri  5-and-a-half-inch heel-less snakeskin heel for $3,600!

You can now pay thousands to look like your heels just snapped off. Why buy these? Just save your unrepaired shoes! No need to get them fixed. Just wear them! Victoria Beckham is rumored to already own a pair. No surprise there. And Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman purchased the patent leather version for a mere of $2,200. Oh too be famous and a total slave to fashion…no matter how moronic.

Get ready to see celebutards tip-toeing and falling on a red carpet near you!

Would you wear them? We wouldn’t be caught dead in them. OK, maybe slightly maimed. Seriously, it’s hard enough to look at 4 inch plus heels without wincing in pain.

Source & Photo: PageSix

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2 Responses to Bad Idea. Heel-Less Shoes…On Purpose

  1. Devin Kay says:

    I love the look of these shoes! I think they might be something of an optical illusion, a wonderful effect for a fashion item. Notice how far back the sole of the shoe actually goes. The balance point runs right down the center of the leg onto the ground and really isn’t more than maybe a half inch farther forward than the balance point of a stiletto heel. It isn’t as if anyone is going to hike in them. They’re the ultimate FMP! Very sexy! I wish I could try them.

  2. jacksonista says:

    Sorry, they make the foot look like a big fat ugly banana. Bad idea.

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