Project Runway Season Four. “It’s a Mother F’ing Walk-Off!” Memorable Quotes

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I knew it! I just knew Nina Garcia was going to praise Rami for actually listening. So, basically this was the episode where Tim travels to visit the remaining designers. Sadly, this time, most were in NYC. Then we had the walk-off between Rami and Chris. Nuff said.

We loved Chris, so we wish him the best!

Memorable Quotes:

"I have a guarantee into Fashion Week. How about that? I don’t play games. I’m 21 and I’m fierce!" – Christian

"You can take Christian home in your suitcase." – Chris to Rami

"I hope Tim likes my collection, but he will because it’s fabulous!" – Christian

"How are you sweetheart?" – Tim Gunn to Christian

"My bedroom basically was a closet, I think…and it is very small." – Christian

"Aren’t they [feather pants] amazing? What’s wrong with you?" – Christian to Tim Gunn

"They look a little costumey – it’s a lot of look." – Tim Gunn in response

"Your palette is like a cloudy day and for me it’s like, I’m not getting it." – Tim Gunn to Jillian

"Of course all of the great designers are from Long Island! Michael Kors, Donna Karan and Jillian Lewis!" – Jillian

"I know that everybody thinks they will be the next big thing. I really, really will be and won’t have it any other way." – Jillian

"This is a heavy duty f’ing coat!" – Tim Gunn to Rami

"I’m not crazy about the whole Rami Kashou versus Chris March thing." – Rami

"Whatever is meant to happen will happen." – Rami

"I definitely don’t want to march a costume parade down the runway, but I definitely don’t want it to be not me." – Chris

"How does a costume designer translate into the fashion world?" – Chris

"Perhaps here is the most provocative thing I have in my collection – the use of human hair as trim." – Chris

"I think my gag reflex is kicking in? You’re using human hair?" – Tim Gunn

"When you first enter a monkey place you think it stinks. Then you think it isn’t so bad and then it doesn’t stink at all. You’ve been living in the monkey house." – Tim Gunn to Chris

"It’s a big, baroque, rococo nightmare!" – Chris about his friend’s pad in NYC

"It’s like another thing Chris is doing. ‘Yeah, he walks down the street in drag. Yeah, he’s on T.V.. Yeah, We’re used to it.’" – Chris about his family’s reaction to his being on Project Runway.

"This [shower] is as big as my first apartment." – Chris

"No matter what happens we all like each other. We all get along." – Chris

"Here’s the day, and it’s now." – Chris

"I wish all of these shoes were for me." – Jillian

"I brought my brush!" – Chris

"Tina, Diva. You brought a plant!" – Christian to Jillian

"He’s fun, but he’s never been a huge fan of mine, so this could turn out nasty." – Jillian about Christian

"People don’t believe me when I say I missed you. The say, "he’s so annoying." I say, "no he’s not!" – Chris to Christian

"Don’t worry. People say the same thing about you." – Christian in response

"Seeing that there were only three tables was a little bit chilling. It does bring home the point that there was only going to be three of us there." – Chris

"I have to say it is a little bit creepy as you say, but to wear human hair…you thought outside the box." – Michael Kors to Chris

"You’re in a velvet condom." – Michael Kors to Chris

"I wanted to show I’m able to construct." – Rami

"There is a commercial viability to what he does." – Michael Kors about Rami

"I appreciated he listened." – Nina about Rami

"I think Chris is still giving us costumes."  – Michael Kors

"I wish we both could go to Fashion Week." – Rami

"You know what Tim? This has happened before." – Chris

"What I didn’t expect was the amount of love the universe sent my way." – Chris

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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