Paris ’08 Fashion Week. Viktor and Rolf Make a… Statement?

February 29, 2008 • Fashion Shows


Does that model have the word ‘No’ painted across her face? Is the phrase ‘Dream On’ really written across that gray garment? Unfortunately, yes. It turns out the Dutch boys were saying No! to fashion this season. Just like how Viktor and Rolf’s "sometimes muse", which is in and of itself humorous, said No! to mascara this [awards] season.

The poppy on purple action shown towards the end of this collection, however, was gorgeous and serves as a reminder that while Viktor and Rolf go through these stages (remember the puffy down collection) the designers are extremely talented and will grow out of it. And, actually, the comparative subtle No! gold belt buckle was like a last gasp for air, a final effort. It made me LOL… maybe they could try out that phrase on their next collection.

—Emilie Furda

Images: nymag

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