Celebrity Fashion. WTF Was She Thinking? Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review.

February 29, 2008 • Celebrity Style

We are going to refrain from talking about bad fashion from the Oscars because it has been done to death. No worries. There were plenty other goings on from which to find a week’s worth of fashion mishaps.

Elle McPherson at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Annual Fundraising Gala "Figures of
Speech" in London

Comment: What is gong on here? Elle McPherson as a man? I’m not buying it! This look is just so bad on so many levels. Who knew spandex leggings could have pockets? The undone ode-to the 80’s skinny tie is just too much to bare.

She’s thinking: I’ve still got it! (She does too. Just not in that outfit!)


Mariah Carey at MTV’s TRL Studios in NYC

Comment: Enough with the shopping in the juniors department already! Seriously, there is something very pathetic about a 38 year-old woman who is into butterflies, lambs, Alloy and Charlotte Russe. It looks cheap. It is cheap. Mind you, we are not saying she needs to dress like an old lady, but come on! Those shoes and juniors jeans are just the worst! The patent puffer ain’t so great either. We get that she is at TRL, but she dresses like this every day. Good lord! She is starting to enter Michael Jackson territory which is plain creepy.

She’s thinking: "Hi lambs."

Vivica Fox at the Cavalli Store Opening in Paris

Comment: When the only thing that makes you look sexy in a shirt dress is your push-up bra…you’re in trouble. Cavalli isn’t for everyone, including Vivica. We get it though, you have to wear the designer’s clothes if you have flown to Paris to go to his store opening. Couldn’t she have chosen something better? Then again, we are talking about Cavalli (sorry, Carol). Nevermind. Other than the dress, she looks gorgeous.

She’s thinking: "Cavalli in Paris…how cool am I?"

Mary-Kate Olsen at the Giambattista Valli fashion show in

Comment: Hello Bug Eyes! What is going on with this look? Those glasses are the worst! AND she wore them through the entire show! Yeah, we know famous people sometimes wear sunglasses during fashion shows, but it looks retarded and you can’t see the clothes properly. It’s so affected. Another fashion faux-pas? Her nails. They were stubby and her polish was chipped. Ew.

She’s thinking: "Teenage girls are going to kill themselves for my glasses. I love throwing on crap and seeing how I can make it a trend."

Ashlee Simpson at MTV’s TRL Studios in NYC

Comment: What is with this menswear/leggings look? Mind you it’s more age appropriate on Ashlee, but her clothes look cheap. Did you notice she was on last week’s list too? Not a good sign. This outfit is drab except for the shoes which are just disturbing. Orange sherbet? Please.

She’s thinking: "I look better than Mimi, right?" (Mimi can sing)


Jennifer Tisdale at the "Celebrate Like
Royalty" event in L.A.

Comment: Would royalty really celebrate wearing something like this? The dress is way too short and poofy and the shoes match! Scary. We don’t like matchy-matchy anymore. That’s so 90’s. Besides, who is this?

She’s thinking: "I feel so regal."

Beverley Turner at the First Direct 50 Women of Substance Exhibition in London

Comment: Fashion 101… never wear a coat that is shorter than your dress. A jacket is another story, but this coat is meant to be worn with pants or a shorter skirt/dress. If it hangs a few inches lower…go with something else. The coat had potential. The outfit underneath…did not.

She’s thinking: "I usually look good. I just wasn’t feeling it tonight."


Sarah Harding at the Samsung
Gala Dinner in Aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust in London

Comment: Good cause, bad dress. This is an example of why you should take a look at yourself from all angles in the mirror before you leave the house. Straight on, I’m sure this dress is a knockout, but from the side, she looks like an oompah-loompah. It makes her (what I assume) scrawny butt look huge. Chesty girls (and I’m one) beware…your dress is going to stick out as far as your chest if you wear this style dress without a belt. This style is best left avoided if you are over a 34 B. Unless you want to look like you are wearing a potato sack.

She’s thinking: "Why is it so bright? it’s casting a shadow that makes me look huge right? Well is it?"

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  1. Carol Calacci says:

    Hey! Vivica looks great in that Cavalli dress! It’s scroll print Cavalli – not patchwork Cavalli. It is very appropriate for the occasion, too…but maybe you’re right…the hem could come up an inch or or two…something is not right. But leave Cavalli out of this!

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