Celebrity No-No. Top Trends We’re NOT Buying.

March 4, 2008 • Celebrity Style


What’s up with this whole spandex thing? It is so not
appealing. We know celebs are thin and
they want to show of their fabulous legs but this is so not the way. Tucked into boots like Lindsay or paired
with a billowy menswear top like Elle, this tight trend is so not the way to

Lindsay Lohan


Elle MacPherson

Rachel Bilson


Ashlee Simpson

Grandmother Shades

They’ve done it again. The terrible twosome (aka the Olsen twins) have caused another fashion
frenzy, showing up at Paris shows clad in those ugly bug-eyed frames only Anna
Wintour can wear so well! And yet, it looks remarkably appealing on them—a bit
of fashion fed meets try too hard. Don’t try this at home!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (left), Mary-Kate (right)

Sky-High Shoes

Only Mary-Kate and Ashley—oh, and maybe Mariah can pull this
look off. Victoria does it, but not
often as she knows its not the way to go. Those sky-high wedges, mostly of Giambattista Valli name—are so sweet,
but oh so killer…and oh so over! (Even Jessica Biel won’t wear them anymore.) Don’t even go for the
imitation. We like the dumbed down version
seen on the likes of Rihanna and TK. The covetable T-strap.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Jessica Biel

Mariah Carey

Plaid Men’s Shirt

Alert, Alert! Repeat offender Jessica Simpson has worn one
too many plaid shirts. Did she borrow
them from her dad? We’re pretty sure she didn’t borrow them from hunk-a-licious
Tony Roma—even he wouldn’t go that for. Ugh! Lindsay Lohan wears them too (are you starting to notice a pattern here? The same celebs wear the same bad trends.)

We’re all mad for plaid, it’s a cool fad—but when it comes in the body
swamping men’s cut, not so much. We
prefer flashy pieces and feminine cuts.



Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan

Photos: Wireimage, People

–Simona Kogan

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