Pret Reporteur. Painterly Prints

March 4, 2008 • Runway/Realway


Gabbie Perez for Second City Style Magazine

This season the artists are in. Prints have taken on painterly “accidents” of drips, splatters and strokes, looking fresh from an artist’s atelier.

This attention to bold colors and artist detailing recalls a certain art movement when Pollock was king. Abstract Expressionism, the first real American art movement,
began in New York City just after World War II. Trying to find make
sense of the chaos from the war, the New York School turned to
abstraction to evoke pure, universal emotion in their works. Large,
gestural brushstrokes are characteristic of the Abstract
Expressionists, and it is this painterly handling that has popped up on prints in many collections this spring (I doubt Rothko or De Kooning ever thought their masterpieces would be influencing the fashion industry 50 years later!).


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