Beauty Event. Tennis Champs Lindsay Davenport & Tracy Austin Launch ‘Decades of Smooth’

March 5, 2008 • Events


Lindsay Davenport, Lauren Dimet Waters & Tracy Austin at Decades of Smooth™ Launch Event

I had the opportunity to meet two of my favorite women’s tennis champions yesterday. Double bonus…it was about skin care. If anyone should know about the ravages of the sun, it would be professional tennis players!

Yesterday, the US Tennis Association (USTA) announced Juvederm (created by Allergan, Inc.) will be an official sponsor of the 2008 US Open, becoming the first US Open cosmetic industry sponsor. As part of the sponsorship, Allergan launched the Juvederm ‘Decades of Smooth‘ campaign with two-time US Open champion Tracy Austin and 1998 US Open champion Lindsay Davenport in NYC.


Lindsay Davenport and Tracy Austin at Decades of Smooth™ Launch Event

Decades of Smooth is a health education campaign aimed at educating women and men about the best skin care routines for the various decades of life, taking into account lifestyle choices, environmental factors and individual approaches to aging.

Clearly Juvederm and Botox are no longer conversation taboo. It’s amazing how freely people talk about dermal fillers and other anti-aging measures. Heck, I’m one of them! During the panel discussion,it was refreshing to hear Lindsay Davenport, a new mom at 31, admit to no longer wanting to look older than she felt. Tracy Austin now eschews the sun (at least without sunscreen and a big hat) and openly discusses filling those ‘parentheses’ and eradicating the ’11’s’ between the eyes with her friends like they were discussing favorite restaurants. In fact, she tells everyone!

Lindsay Davenport speaking at the Decades of Smooth™ Launch Event

Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler not only explained the new trend of relaxing (Botox) plumping and filling (Juvederm), but reminded us all how important daily sunscreen use is. Not just any sunscreen, however. One that has broad UVA/UVB spectrum protection and Mexoryl. Her favorite? Anthelios. She also recommended a topical anitoxidant like Prevage MD which also helps protect skin from free radials.

Tracy Austin speaking at the Decades of Smooth™ Launch Event

I had a chance after the event to speak with Tracy Austin one-on-one. "I’m 45. I can’t lie about my age since everyone knows I won the US Open at 16." Tracy’s skin looked amazing considering she spent from ages 5-18 in the sun without protection for about 12 hours a day! "Sunscreen just wasn’t mainstream back then. I cared more about my body. But, now I wear sunscreen from head-to-toe." Since Tracy commentates on the some of the tournaments like The Australian Open she goes in to her dermatologist for what she calls her "Grand Slam tune ups!"

Tracy now has a healthy addiction to yoga, playing tennis twice a week and collecting stylish hats. She is always looking to add to her collection of 40-50 hats. She also wears Sunbrella gloves whenever she drives in sunny California (where she lives). "I tell everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, the sun damage you did years ago and aging is coming. Trust me. But, you can slow it down. So combat it now."

For more information on FDA approved Juvederm Injectable Gel visit:

-Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Courtesy of Donnie Miller

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    That sound like that was really a cool event. I wonder if anyone talks simply aboud dieting and living with low stress as a way to make the skin healthly also.

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