Finds on a Dime: Keeping Luxury in Loungewear

March 6, 2008 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

A woman’s daily routine of comings-and-goings with work, family and
other outside obligations usually require copious amounts of coffee and
flexibility — along with several outfit changes. At the end of these
obligations, sometimes that very last outfit you slip on is the most important outfit of such a day. That being the pajama set.

Now I admit I have the boxer shorts and oversized tank top like any woman; but there are times I want to feel pretty as well as comfortable in my loungewear.
If I look forward to being in my pajamas throughout the day, then why
not feel a touch of elegance while gracing my apartment in flannel and
satin? Yes, usually I am the only seeing myself in these glamorous
evening pieces, but stylish pajamas don’t have to match the cost of my stylish Dolce dress.

Personally, I am an avid fan of robes. Even in my stretch pants and
t-shirt, as soon as I tie the terry belt I instantly feel my daily
stress brushed off my shoulders and replaced with coziness and comfort.
Being such an enthusiast, I admit I own on average six of these
wonderful pajama enhancements. However my all-time favorite is The Sweetest, Softest Robe on Earth by Bath & Body Works. It sounds a bit along the Care Bear angle, but it unarguably lives up to its name. The jersey robe from GapBody
is another staple among my collection, primarily for business travel.
The robe folds well in my suitcase, and offers an essence of home while
being on the road.

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