Flower Power

March 7, 2008 • Magazine

Flower Power

Flower Power

Fri, 2008-03-07 13:00

Jenn Scott

As the warm days become more frequent, the styles, patterns, and textures become brighter and lighter. Just as fruits are coming into season and flowers are starting to bloom, so are bright, colorful items. The coming season boasts vibrant shape and color.

As we all strive to make our world a better place in one way or another, an effort to return to our basic needs becomes evident in all areas of life. Designers are using bright, simple, and classic lines and colors. Eco-friendly options have captured the ever-hungry market’s attention, and the beautiful things in nature are taking center stage.

Nature has become a big influence in this season’s trends. And why not? What is more beautiful than a garden or a single red rose? Twentieth century girls do things different, and they prefer to wear their bouquets in the form of dresses, shoes, and accessories.

This season offers more than one option to capture the natural, flirty look of spring.

What better way to show off feminine curves than with feminine, floral patterns. These are no longer reserved for Granny’s robe, so feel free to give it a try. After a long run of harsh, edgy, masculine fashion fun, the patterns for spring will be a breath of fresh air and a new bloom to the fashion industry.

Whether you prefer brighter or earthy colors, you can’t go wrong with floral or plant print. Celebrate the elegance of being you with styles that are deeply rooted in the environment that you live in. For a big city gal, grab a print that makes more of a statement and catches the eye of a passer-by. With a background of public transportation and pavement, an onlooker will welcome the splash of color. For the rural area, choose a subdued floral that compliments your skin tone and hair color. A classic earth tone will make a clean, classy statement.

This season will welcome the return of the leg. That’s right! Show them off, ladies! What better way to have fun with your flirty and feminine side! Choosing a mini or dress that displays bright florals will also boost your confidence. Feeling like a girl has never been so empowering! You will feel as good as you look with spring’s floral creations.

If you are having a hard time with the transition between fall and winter fashion, it is always a good idea to start with something small. Grab a solid dress or skirt and pair it with a fun, flirty shoe. This automatically adds a dash of femininity and begins the momentum towards a petal and leaf Spring.

Don’t be afraid to branch out in your fashion world. You may surprise yourself with the pieces that you like. Every girl loves flowers, and now you can have that feeling every day this spring. Add color, versatility, and femininity to your spring with some Flower Power!

1. Tommy Bahama Top
2. Betty Johnson Bikini Bottom
3. J.Crew Dylan Tank
4. Rachel Pally Ballet Tee
5. Elle Bold Floral
6. Timbi Flower Mini
7. Nanette Lepore Flora Wedge
8. Prada Peep Toe Pump

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