Male Box. Belgium Brilliance

March 11, 2008 • Fashion


Thomas Kikis for Second City Style Magazine

When you think of Italy you think of Pasta and Prada. France? Coco
Chanel and crepes. America? Ralph Lauren and hot dogs. But with
Belgium, your mind can/t get passed… the waffles. Now you can pair them
with this bunch of Belgium talents: Dries Van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela

For years, Dries Van Noten has been the one to
watch – but not in the Philip Lim, Vogue’s-flavor-of-the-season, sort
of way. Van Noten is seasoned and knows his point of view. He is indeed
one to watch, not just now, but always has been. In recent years
editors and stylists can’t seem to get enough of his print-heavy
pieces. In the case of spring and fall 2008 especially, Van Noten created a display of multi-prints and textures ranging from tribal patterns to painterly strokes of genius. To much acclaim, his collections stood out and created trends while remaining subtle and modest.

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