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March 12, 2008 • Shopping


Andra Naylor for Second City Style Magazine

Now that it’s March, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Call me crazy, but I look forward to spring cleaning.
Especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I love the process of weeding
out what’s old and making a list of the new items I want to hang on
those empty hangers. But I understand that this can be daunting, so I
thought I’d dedicate this column to making the task organized and

What to weed out
Now, I know this can be stressful, so see what you can do to make it a fun experience. Turn on some music, pour a glass of wine and throw open the closet doors.

1. To start, designate several piles, such as
Donate (bring to the Salvation Army), Resell (sell at a resale shop)
and Give Away (hand-me-downs to friends and family).

2. When you conduct your closet audit, there’s one
golden rule: if you didn’t wear it last season, you’re not going to
wear it this time around. Choose a pile and discard.

3. Be sure to try on, model in the mirror and make
sure you love the to-keep pieces and want it to take up real estate in
your closet for another year.

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