Second City Style for President! (Maybe Not) – So Vote for Second City Style for Glam Network Awards!

March 13, 2008 • Fashion

On the upper left hand side of this blog you will see this little campaign button. 2008 Glam Network Awards – Vote for (yours truly) Second City Style! Click on the button, (or the handy link below) which will take you to Glam where you can vote. You can vote once a day …so vote often! Stuff our ballot box!

Click on the Glam Fashion Publishers, and you will find Second CIty Style there. You may have to scroll down to find us. The names are not in alphabetical order, but they rotate to keep all things fair. Otherwise "AAA Fashion" may win. (I don’t believe there is really a "AAA Fashion" site, but you get the idea.) Anyway, be sure to cast your vote for Second City Style. We were Best In Fashion in 2006, and we want to win the Best In Fashion Award once again! And it will be thanks to you, our dear readers! "First of all, we’d like to thank our dear readers…" (Oops got carried away…starting the acceptance speech already…)


You can also vote in other fun categories like Beauty and Shopping. You may see your other favorite site in those categories, or you can find out about many other great Glam Network publishers.

But you can only vote once in each category each day! So that’s one vote for Second City Style in the Fashion Publishers category every day – got it? And then do whatever you want in the other categories…have a blast!

Cast Your Vote Here! Remember – you can vote once per day – so vote each and  every day, from now until April 10, 2008!

— Carol Calacci

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