T.J. Maxx. The Value of Off-Price

March 13, 2008 • Shopping


This Spring T.J. Maxx is making a huge effort to let consumers in on the discount retailer’s secret to their cheap prices: the value of off-price. Basically, T.J. Maxx sources goods differently than traditional retailers. T.J. Maxx buyers source from 10,000 vendors in over 60 countries, so they can take advantage of opportunities immediately as they arise in the marketplace. As T.J. Maxx spokesperson Laura McDowell explains, "At T.J. Maxx, we define value as a combination of fashion, brand, quality, and price. Having all four traits is what differentiates us from our competition. The T.J. Maxx buying strategy can be summed up in two words — opportunistic buying. While other retailers look for their merchandise four times a year, our buyers attend markets 40 weeks a year. These frequent market trips allow us to buy closer [to] the season and therefore smarter about trends. Also, because we’re making deals closer to when we need the merchandise, we’re in a good position to negotiate a better price with the vendor. Our buying philosophy truly allows us to deliver a smarter shopping experience where consumers can find great prices without compromising quality."

The press release includes ten tips to help the consumer shop in an off-price store:

1. Look carefully at the "compare at" value on the price tags.

Be knowledgeable about current fashion trends.

Shop often.

Avoid impulse buying.

Save even more money on clearance items.

Do not shop with specific items in mind.

Update your wardrobe with accessories.

Take advantage of one stop shopping.

Indulge in both classics and fashion forward styles.

Never, ever pass up a really good bargain.

Considering our poor economy and looming recession, a discount can’t hurt.

—Emilie Furda

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Source: Leary and Co. PR

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