On Safari at The Underground with Roslyn

March 14, 2008 • Fashion Shows


The Underground was quite the ideal place to hold a "safari chic" fashion show this past Thursday night. With waitresses and doormen alike sporting khakis, camouflage and combat boots it appeared as if they were part and parcel of the show Roslyn put on showcasing a portion of their spring/summer collection. 

While the shows premier pieces may have been a little ridiculous, balloon type bloomer shorts should not be something anyone should wear, I found the show to be a bit disappointing. Though it is true that white, brown and olive are the three colors to be expected at a safari fashion show, I was hoping to see something to get me excited about summer clothing. Instead I found ensembles that were rather mismatched and uninspiring. Many of the individual pieces would have been great on their own.

On a positive note there were some very pretty, long and loose flowing dresses. These looked very comfortable and could easily work for day or night. But the true stars of the show were not the clothes themselves, but the accessories! Each model walked down the runway carrying beautiful brown leather handbags and some wore fun flirty hats. As it seems with a lot of fashion shows in Chicago this season, accessories are the things to stock up on.

— Bonnie J. Brown

Go On Safari at Roslyn, 2035 North Damen Avenue, 773-489-1311

Roslyn’s 2008 Spring/Summer Designers: A. Lawless, Bensoni, Carolann Wachter, Christensen & Sigersen, Christina Hattler, Christopher Deane, Clu, Collection K, Demy Lee, Erica Davies, Elise Bergman, Falls, Frenzii, Jovovich-Hawk, Liz McClean, Mads Norgard, Miranda Bennett

Safari Chic made possible by:
– Stoli – Roslyn and Rosie Dulyapaibul – Beauty on Call – The Underground
– Stitches Fashion Program (Jason Felger and Stephanie Niedespial)

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