Advice. Ask the Bean: What to Wear With Sunshine

March 19, 2008 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

I need to escape from this wretched March weather, so I booked a
trip to Florida for a week. I’m so excited for sunshine that all I can
think of are strappy sandals, flowing skirts and an outfit that doesn’t
include a scarf and gloves. However, being from an area where winter
lasts the majority of the year, my wardrobe needs a desperate spring
update. I don’t even own a pair of flip flops! Please help me find
clothes to purchase and bring to the tropics for my desperately-needed


Desperately Seeking Summer

Dear Summer:

Good for you on your last-minute travel arrangements! I know more
than one reader will feel a bit of envy towards your upcoming
sunbathing excursion — perhaps even a writer on this end as well!

This is a very difficult time of year to shop for clothing fit for
weather above 45 degrees. Luckily many of the new spring lines are
being brought into retail, so you can begin creating your
warm-weathered wardrobe. My first suggestion is to buy the basics that you need for your vacation and plan to shop while you are there
to put the finishing touches to your attire. So bring a large suitcase,
a smaller bag for toiletries and some shoes, that perfect beach tote,
and leave some room for your trip home. Hopefully by then, you’ll be
able to wear your new purchases even after vacation time!

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One Response to Advice. Ask the Bean: What to Wear With Sunshine

  1. Morgan says:

    You have me dreaming of warm Miami weather which is slightly unfortunate since I’m stuck in CT…oh well, great recommendations! I just wanted to say that I’ve been having some trouble with those Marc Jacobs sandals, but I think you hit the nail on the head with recommending them for Florida and I’m seeing them in a whole new light!

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