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March 19, 2008 • Fashion



There’s a great (must read!) article today’s Chicago Tribune Tempo section today by Anne Brennan, titled Wardobe Change, Easy Inexpensive ways to reinvigorate your look. With the changing economy, now more than ever women are looking at ways to recycle and save money with their wardrobes and this article addresses that concern.

The article offers advice from experts such as Barbra Horowitz, author and stylist, with tips on how to "Revive Your Closet" by tailoring and dying what you already have, "Write a Wish List" so you avoid impulse spending, and to "Invest in the Best" which includes quotes from our very own expert, Lauren Dimet Waters!

Invest in the Best
"Consider the cost per wear of an expensive item you love," suggests Lauren Dimet Waters, editor of secondcitystyle.com, a blog and Web site that focuses on Chicago fashion and boutiques. "I’d rather buy investment pieces," she says.

A price but flattering coat you wear every day may end up being a bargain in the long run.

Virtual Deals
Most bargain hunters find deals online on such Web sites as eBay. Second City Style’s Dimet Waters raves about scoring a mink caplet on eBay for $10, plus $20 shipping.

"Every time I wear it, people say it’s fabulous. (I say) I know," she says with a laugh.

One of author Horowitz’s tricks is to buy designer pieces form the past season on eBay. "Styles aren’t changing that fast, and no one is bidding on them, " she says.

Aside from eBay, Dimet Waters also recommends letrainbleu.com, basicboutique.com, trendora.com, styledrops.com, overstock.com, and labelspree.com.

Tailor your needs

Wherever you shop, be sure to find a tailor: "Everything can look couture if it fits properly, " Horowitz says.

Dimet Waters changed a beautiful but unflattering cashmere wrap-style coat into a button-down style with the help of a tailor. "I basically made a new coat and wore it for another five years," she says.

With a little ingenuity and patience, creating a new wardrobe on a budget is possible. Saving money and looking good? Sounds like a great start for spring.

— Excerpt from Wardrobe Change, by Anne Brennan, Chicago Tribune, March 19, 2008, Tempo Section 5, Woman/Style

Barbra Horowitz is a Los Angeles-based stylist and author of "Closet Control: The Ultimate Guide to Revitalizing Your Wardrobe and Revolutionizing the Way You Store It." (Sterling: $22.95)

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