Chicago Fashion Show. Nina Garcia Guest Stars and Dispenses Advice at Macy’s on State Street

March 21, 2008 • Events


Chicago was pleased to meet and greet Elle Fashion Director Nina Garcia to Macy’s on State Street. As part of an AK Anne Klein fashion presentation, if you spent $75 on Anne Klein at Macy’s on State Street, you would receive a free copy of Nina’s book, The Little Black Book of Style.

The AK Anne Klein spring fashion presentation featured women of all sizes, including women and petite sizes. Bright classic colors of yellow, kelly green, and red popped in wide patent belts and pumps among traditional navy white and khaki.

Nina Garcia took the stage to answer some questions from the audience. A man audibly said “You look great!” Everyone nodded with approval.

Q: If I only have $100 to spend, what should I get?"
Nina: Spend it on accessories. It is the quickest way to update your look, with a belt, shoes or a necklace.

Q: Any tips for petites?
Nina: I’m a petite, you may not know it because I wear these really tall heels! Keep the base of what you wear very structured, keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be boring, you can add to that, but keep your lines very structured.

Q: What do you like better, classic or trendy?
Nina: I like a combination. A classic mixed with a trendy item. You should not be a fashion victim to trends, but have fun with them. If they don’t work for you, don’t buy them. It’s all about your personal style. Anne Klein works with classics and keeps them up to date, it is not boring. For example updating the classics with a wide patent belt.

Q: Project Runway was excellent this past season. How did you choose the winner?
Nina: Christian is a good example of a designer who is over the top but he can deliver practical clothing. So that was why he won.

Q: I want to try out for Project Runway. Do you have advice?
Nina: Tim usually handles all of the try outs but I know he looks for professionalism. Be as professional as possible.

Q: What can we look for this fall?
Nina: You will continue to see florals, only in deeper hues, the cropped jacket, and still a lot of fur, believe it or not.

Q: Where did you get your shoes? (referring to her suede platform pumps, practically 4” tall!)
Nina: Oh, these are older, maybe 3 seasons old, I don’t know if you could still get them. They’re  Givenchy.

Q: What are you wearing?
Nina: What am I wearing? Jean Batiste Valle Jacket, an Anne Klein top, and a Lanvin necklace. The pants… I can’t remember. And I did commission Christian to make me some jackets and pants for the fall.

Q: How did you get to where you are today?
Nina: I studied fashion design in Paris and wanted to be a fashion designer. I ended up being a fashion journalist because of an internship. I always say that a person needs to really work to find their way. I did not feel confident enough to be a fashion designer.

Nina Garcia – not confident? Well, she is confident enough to say where she is lacking! And it certainly isn’t with her style. 

— Carol Calacci

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