Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better?

March 24, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Yep. That’s right. It’s time for another Celebrity Fashion Smackdown!


Eva Mendes vs. Jessica Alba in Fendi

Winner: Eva Mendes. Now before you beat me up on this one, yes, Jessica looks freaking awesome for a mom-to-be. However, the length of Eva’s dress is more flattering (whether with child or without). The bare leg is also a better choice with this light frock. We love black opaques, just not with this dress.


Olivia Wilde vs. Brenda Song in Pamella Roland

Winner: Even though it was a tough call, we are going to have to go with Olivia. We like the length of the dress better and that the lace was allowed to poke through as intended. The bubble effect of the hem job on Brenda’s doesn’t work as well, not to mention, the tail of the bow should not be hanging longer than the dress. We also like the ‘pop’ of Olivia’s metallic shoes and bag against the dress better.

Eva Longoria vs. Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson in a  D&G trench

Clearly, it’s Eva.  She allowed the picture perfect trench to play lead. Kate’s opaques and patent shoes compete with the lines of the coat. Sometimes it’s better to remember the KISS method. Less is more.


Eve vs. Kate Walsh in Dolce &

Winner: This is a tie. I don’t like Eve’s shoes with this dress and I don’t care for Kate’s jacket with it. So we will call it a draw.


Jessica Alba vs. Celine Dion in Chanel

Yeah! Jessica Alba wins this one hands-down. Don’t pair a gorgeous, light chiffon dress with heavy, pleather leggings. In fact, don’t pair anything with pleather leggings. Ever. Why did Lindsay Lohan have to bring these back? It was a trend best left dead with the 80’s. The color of the dress also compliments Jessica’s skintone whereas it washes Celine’s out. Just look how unhappy Celine looks? She knew she got it wrong.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: People.com

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