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March 24, 2008 • Fashion


It almost goes without saying that European women (and particularly the French and Italians) are generally stereotyped as being utterly chic – or at least, more pulled-together and elegant than American women. While of course the stereotype doesn’t always apply, I’ve recently been traveling around Mediterranean Europe and I’ve definitely noticed several aspects of the local style that differ greatly from that in the good old U.S. of A.

The number one factor that stands out is attention to detail; someone’s overall look might be simple and on the classic side but every piece has been selected with care.  In addition, I’ve seen tons of women (and men!) wearing really unique, quirky pieces that expressed their personality – and they looked fantastic, and much more interesting than the trendy types dressed head to toe in the latest offerings from Zara or H&M (hey, every city has trend whores).


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Accessories are of utmost importance as well, with virtually every type of scarf being the most popular. Possible ways to wear them include loosely draped around your neck like a kerchief, threaded through a braid or ponytail, or knotted around the strap of your handbag. The whole European scarf-wearing thing is kind of a cliché, but scarves are fun and can be quite inexpensive, so why not borrow the look?



Last but not least – sloppy sweats, trackpants, and hoodies were virtually nonexistent. With the possible exception of some of our fellow tourists (some of whom were clomping about in (shudder) crocs!, even the most casually dressed locals had some style. Personally, I’m a big fan of making a little effort, even if you’re just running out to the grocery store – you never know who you might meet.

–  Jacqueline Zenn, Editor

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