Beauty Treatment. Beauty Olympics 2008 Part I: Makeup

March 25, 2008 • Beauty


Natayle Henry, Beauty Editor for Second City Style Magazine

Finally! The time has arrived. Four months and two rashes later, the
Second City Style staff and some of our loyal readers have tested
hundreds of products to find the best of the best and must-have
products of 2008. We’ve slathered on lotions, plumped our pouts and
have taken copious amounts of showers all in the name of beauty. Real
women giving real responses to products that we hear so much about!
This entire issue is has been dedicated to our Beauty Olympics, so
From lip gloss to supplements, these products have come out victorious!

Ever wonder if that lip color really stays on all day or a specific
foundation really blends evenly? Well, we have all the answers! Your
next makeup trip will be a cinch!

Lip Gloss: Chanel Glossimer
“I love this line of glosses! Whether I’m wearing it alone or on top
of a favorite shade of lipstick, my lips shine like diamonds!”
—Nicole Pearson, Makeup Artist

Plumping Lip Gloss: Pro Gloss Hook Up Plumping Lip Shine in Sublime
“LOOOOOOOOVE the dark pink color and seems to double as a lipstick
and a lip gloss although its only toted as a gloss. Doesn’t go
overboard on the color, but shine is high volume. Plumps my lips as it
coats and it’s a pretty color. Smells syrupy sweet like cotton candy,
so may not be good for someone who can’t stand the smell. The color is
so pretty, I don’t think the smell will matter.”
—Simona Kogan, Journalist

Long Wear Lip Gloss: MAC Pro Longwear
“I’ve tried several of those long wear glosses only to find that my
lips begin to peel and flake moments later. They profess to be the
best, but typically they come up short. MAC, however, is the real
thing! My color lasts all day and my lips stay moist!”
—Simone Hemmings, Stylist

Lip Stain: Liptini
“I typically make fun of women who wear makeup to the gym, but I
have to say that I do dab a little bit of the Liptini tint on my lips
and a light layer of clear gloss right before my workouts. Though I’m
not wearing any other type of makeup, I still look great when I leave.
Before going anywhere, I put this on my pout and it lasts for hours!”
—Tina Marcus, Student

Long Wear Lipstick: Stila – Paramour
“I loved the color and it stayed on forever! I also liked that the tip was made for more precise application.” —Lauren Dimet Waters, Editor-in-Chief

Moisturizing Lipstick: Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lipstick Powered by Borba
“Two of my of my favorite lines combined? How could this union be
anything but perfect? My lips stayed moisturized all day and the color
never feathered.”
—Jennifer Hampton, HR Manager

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