Celebrity Fashion. WTF Was She Thinking? Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review.

March 27, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Oh, New York, New York! You really let us down this week. After I proclaimed NYC had the best fashion sense, we saw outfits this week…that made no sense!

Alexandra Richards at the Lizzie Fortunato Jewelry and Timo! Wallets Fall 2008 Preview Party in NYC

Comment: Celebuspawn and model Alexandra Richards really went all out to impress! Beefy-T $10, cut-off shorts $5, black hose $3.50 at Duane Reade, ugly sneaker boots…priceless. WTF? I swear to God I saw her the next morning outside my Starbucks. I mean it had to be her, right? I totally noticed the bottom half of this outfit! Either that or it’s a scary new trend. I pray that’s not the case.

She’s thinking: "These glasses cost more than my outfit. How cool am I?"


Deborah Harry at The Cinema Society and Piaget Screening of "Flawless" in NYC

Oh Debbie! WTF? There was a time (and it doesn’t seem that long ago) that I wanted to be you. Your were my idol. Like in a Marilyn Monroe sort of way. Yeah, I get that you are older now, but how about wiser? What’s the deal with those pants, the pose and the shoes? Please don’t go from sex-goddess to frumpy bag lady. It’s depressing as hell!

She’s thinking singing:
"When I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante" (yeah, no kidding)


Mariah Carey performing at "The Hills" season 3 premiere in NYC

Comment: We all know by now that Mariah refuses to dress even remotely in her age-group. She’s stuck in the junior’s department…perpetually. So we would be surprised if she ever dressed well. Her clothes are always too tight and age inappropriate, yet you still want to like her. How sad that The Hills gang (who are half her age) looked better. Alas, her gold leather 80’s Member’s Only jacket from Bendel’s for $990 is for some reason flying out of the store. Bad taste knows no bounds, no matter the decade.

She’s thinking: "My new single kinda sucks."

Leven Rambin at a party at Buddakan honoring Christian Siriano in NYC

This young soap star usually looks pretty amazing so we just chalk this up to a bad night. Love the shoes, but the tights with this ensemble are just not working. We don’t really care for the dress either. It’s just sorta tight and blah. Oh well, maybe Christian took pity on her and made her his new muse replacing Victoria Bleckham. One can only hope.

She’s thinking: "Are there any cute, straight guys I can make out with here?"


Teyana Taylor at the MAC Heatherette Collection launch in NYC

Comment: Honey, that dress is some fierce plastic garbage bag and the sneakers must have been tucked inside! Given the event, we are really not too surprised, but it still doesn’t change the fact this getup is way fugly!

Shes’ thinking singing: "I’m feeling so confused yeah-and all I really want is you baby…and a new stylist."

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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