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March 28, 2008 • Fashion


Tina Craig of Bag Snob with Oscar de la Renta

Today’s WWD article entitled "Bringing Bloggers Into the Club" quoted a few of our fellow Friday Web Snobbers!

Here is a bit of it:

Though it has long been a cliché to talk about an Internet revolution,
in the fashion world, companies are still figuring out how to join it,
especially when it comes to online media.

houses first dipped their toe in the waters of the blogging world by
granting credentials for bloggers to enter the tents at New York
Fashion Week and, if they were lucky, standing room space at a few
shows. Eventually, some of the more reputable — or aggressive — were
granted seats.

Now, between the seemingly anarchic independent
online venues and the ever-striving but sometimes anemic Web offerings
of magazine companies, fashion brands and public-relations firms are
starting to suss out places where the relationships can progress.

these things we’ve been hearing about for years are starting to come
through,” said Alex Bolen, chief executive officer of Oscar de la
Renta. “In the blogosphere, the wheat is being separated from the
chaff. I would say that respected and trusted authorities are

In an
industry built partly on exclusivity and limited access, participating
in such projects is a gamble for these companies. “We as brand managers
spend a lot of time trying to protect and control our environment,”
conceded Bolen. “There is a certain giving up of control once things go
out on the Internet….[But] my feeling is that it will happen anyway, so
I’d rather be involved.”

Deciding where to focus that involvement has become easier now that
there are known quantities of online fashion writers among the
countless bloggers out there — even if they aren’t commercial ventures
on the scale of a major fashion title. “There’s a weeding-out period,”
said Lesley Scott, editor in chief of Fashion Tribes, adding, “There
are higher standards now. It’s not enough to have a blog. You have to
earn your readership on a weekly and daily basis.”

course, some companies remain uninterested in dealing with bloggers.
“The biggest resistance I feel is from brands that don’t want
overexposure — the very elite, very high-fashion brands that are
concerned with oversaturation in the market,” said Susan Cernek,
fashion and beauty director of the blog network

Hamilton South, partner at HL Group, recalled seeing
such a phenomenon in action with Tina Craig of the blog Bag Snob at a
Valextra event in Dallas, an experience that countered any supposition
that fashion blogs’ readers are kids who can’t afford to buy. “These
were very serious grown-up female consumers,” South recalled. “Many
were middle aged, very affluent, and [Craig] was the voice of

And contrary to the image of the blogger setting up
shop to reap freebies, Craig at least said she buys all of her own bags
and sends back bags sent to her from p.r. firms to retain her
objectivity, unless they’re to be used for giveaway contests on the
like print magazines, many bloggers believe they’ll be able to maintain
their editorial integrity. Craig noted that even when her site is tough
on bags from Louis Vuitton or those on offer at eLuxury — a site with
which it partners — the posts are still referring readers and buyers to
those sites. “They all realize that being talked about is good, even
when it’s not so positive,” she said.

Read the rest here.

Source & Photo: WWD

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