Celebrity Style. Now Who is Madonna Impersonating?

March 28, 2008 • Celebrity Style


For the last few days on my Apple home page, I keep seeing a picture of a blond woman with an early Reba Macintyre "up-do" and next to it it says "Madonna". But I don’t see Madonna. Where is Madonna?

I squint at her. She squints back. I glance again and I see she is wearing a Gaultier-like black strappy top, so OK, maybe it really is her, and not and ad for a "Look Like A Suburban Madonna" contest.

She looks more like early 80’s Cheryl Ladd, or Dolly Parton, than Madonna! I know that she often impersonates people like Marilyn Monroe, Gesha girls, Spanish dancers, fashion models, Mary Magdalene and so on. From this photo I keep thinking she is going for a ‘Country-Americana’ look, which would be fine. But if that were the case, her hair just doesn’t go with that top!

Is this really Madonna?

—Carol Calacci

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