The Magic of Melbourne

March 31, 2008 • Magazine

The Magic of Melbourne

The Magic of Melbourne

Sun, 2008-03-30 06:00

Gabbie Perez

I was pleasantly surprised by my recent trip to Australia, as I discovered not only a charismatic people and culture, but also a land of fantastic shopping! Albeit long, the 24-hour flight from Paris was well worth it for the treasures I found Down Under. Oh no, Australia is not all kangaroos and beaches.

My Melbournian friends claim that Melbourne fashion is comparable to New York City, and Sydney fashion with L.A. I have to agree. Melbourne style is defined as a fusion of European sophistication and indie experimentation (which I have never seen pulled off so well!). It’s smart, it’s comfortable, it’s exclusively Australian.
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Alice Euphemia
Looking for one-of-a-kind pieces? This is your one stop shop. Be sure to check out the up-and-coming Australian label Romance Was Born. If you like outrageous patterns, this line is for you. My favorite item was the corn chip dipped in the yummy choice of gold plate or sterling silver. Who said fashion couldn’t be funny?

This label can be found in other stores, but I recommend stopping by their boutique on Chapel Street. Fun and flirty, these frocks are ultra-feminine with an edge (think a scandalously low cut Chantilly lace top). Their bikinis are a must-see: unique prints in beautiful, unique cuts. But be prepared to spend a pretty Australian penny — items start at about $200.

Cactus Jam
This is a store divided. The left section contains European labels like Chloe, Stella McCartney, and D&G, while the right section contains local brands like Melanie Cutfield, Zimmermann, and Camilla and Marc. I went straight to the Australian brands and picked up a few tops on sale (the summer sales were superb! I’m talking 75% off).

Dinosaur Designs
Specializing in resin jewelry and dishware in every color in the rainbow, this boutique is fantastic for gifts. I picked up my favorite buy of my trip here: a yellow butterfly wing trapped in clear resin on a brown leather cord (and I was promised the butterfly was not hurt in the making). Apparently there is a Dinosaur Designs in NYC so if that is closer to you, I recommend a visit!

1. Melbourne Skyline With The Yarra River
2. Cactus Jam 12 Albert Coates Lane
3. Zimmermann 566 Chapel Street (South Yarra) Zimmermannwear or shop for Zimmermann at Shopbop
4. Alice Euphemia 35 Swanston Street
5. Dinosaur Designs 562 Chapel Street (South Yarra)
6. Resin Jewelry at Dinosaur Designs
street shots: Gabbie Perez

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