Bring on the Bargain Bling! Subversive for Target Rocks!

April 1, 2008 • Accessories


I kid you not. I was literally putting this post together when my friend Annette called me. Seriously, not even a half hour ago. She just returned from a visit to Chicago. "Have you seen the new Subversive jewelry for Target? It’s amazing! My friends and I each bought a few pieces." How freaky is that? Well, if you knew Annette you would know this is a ringing endorsement. I would kill for her closet. Yet, like me…she loves Target!

Subversive Jewelry
by Justin Giunta has been one of my favorite jewelry lines for a couple of years now…but I find myself blowing my extra cash on my handbag collection and clothes…which are my first love. So how excited am I…should we all be…that Target has tapped Subversive for a 37 piece collection where every item is under $60? Really damn excited!

Subversive® for Target® Shell Ring Figaro Braided Necklace $49.99

Subversive® for Target® Bee Lucite Hinge Cuff Bracelet – White $14.99


Subversive® for Target® Killer Bee and Roses Pendant Necklace $39.99


Subversive® for Target® Shell Ring Bracelet with Faux Pearls $39.99


Subversive® for Target® Cameo Lucite Hinge Cuff Bracelet – Blue $14.99


Subversive® for Target® Tri-Strand Cluster Necklace – Goldtone $59.99


Subversive® for Target® Blue Bird and Green Bee Button Earrings Set $14.99

Subversive® for Target® Killer Bee and Bead Drop Bracelet $29.99


Subversive® for Target® Multi-Chain Charm Necklace $39.99

Shop Subversive® for Target® here

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. deja pseu says:

    Hmm, some of those remind me of the jewelry at Chico’s, which the fashion-forward set so loves to diss. 😉

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