Television. Catfight! Bravo TV is “Out” for Project Runway.

April 8, 2008 • Lifestyle


Say it isn’t so! It looks like Project Runway has gone to the highest bidder….which happens to be Lifetime Television! So between re-runs of cheesy made-for-television movies starring Melissa Gilbert and Tracey Gold with asinine titles like "Don’t Eat That Cake Until You Marry My Daughter," you can hear the fabulous musings and snarky comments of Micheal Kors on Lifetime Television for women (and apparently gay men)!

A press release from Lifetime and the Weinstein Company announced that come November 2008, the hit show will air on Lifetime. Expect a battle, however. Bravo and Lifetime need a little more drama…right? According to the NY Post, NBC Universal boss (which owns Bravo) Jeff Zucker and The Weinstein Co.’s Harvey Weinstein (two of the entertainment industry’s most stubborn personalities) are poised to go to war over cable’s top-rated reality series "Project Runway."

Shortly after the Weinstein Co. sent out a release yesterday trumpeting a deal to bring "Runway," which it owns, to Lifetime from NBC’s Bravo, Zucker filed a complaint in state court in Manhattan seeking to block the move. Whoohoo! The fur is gonna fly now!

At issue is whether NBC held a right of first refusal to match any competing offer for "Runway" and whether The Weinstein Co. negotiated in good faith with the network. So now it’s a case of he said, he said.

"They didn’t come up with a comparable offer," lawyer David Boies, who represents The Weinstein Co., said. "If they were the high bidder, they would have gotten the deal."

Sources said Lifetime is paying upward of $150 million in the five-year deal. By contrast, Bravo paid around $600,000 per episode during the show’s last two seasons and less than that during the first three.

Sources familiar with the situation said part of the reason NBC didn’t come up with an offer comparable to Lifetime’s is because the network balked at not just the price, but also The Weinstein Co.’s condition that Lifetime also take several movies as part of the deal.

In any case, this seems like a weird marriage. Next thing you know, my beloved "Top Chef" will move over to the Explorer Channel.

Sorry Bravo, but one day you are in…and the next you are ‘out!’


Read the NY Post’s ‘Runway Skids"

Source & Photo: NY Post

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