Retail Detail. Is Online Shopping the Economy’s Saving Grace?

April 10, 2008 • Shopping


Internet sales are expected to be a bright spot in an otherwise down
economy, according to a report released by the National Retail
Federation (NRF).

think what is happening is a shift in buying from offline to online,"
said Scott Silverman, executive director of NRF’s online retail group That shift is continuing despite the economy, he said.

Internet is likely to attract two kinds of shoppers: Those who prize
convenience above all and aren’t as affected by prices, and those who
are hunting for bargains.

Any retailer who has made investments in the online channel will
benefit from the shift, said Silverman. Retailers that aren’t online
will have it "that much worse."

Total online sales in the U.S.
are projected to reach $204 billion this year, up from $174.5 billion
in 2007. Apparel, accessories and
footwear made up the number-one category last year with $22.7 billion
in sales. Total sales are expected to reach $334.7 billion by 2012.

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