A Look Into My List

April 13, 2008 • Magazine

A Look Into My List

A Look Into My List

Sun, 2008-04-13 09:00

Andra Naylor

I haven’t written about my favorites in awhile, and I’ve started to accumulate quite a long list of them in my fashion notebook. So I thought I would do a little stylish spill here in the hopes I will inspire you to take some action. It’s spring after all; ’tis the season to shop!

How can I not start with the Subversive For Target jewelry line? I have, after all, not stopped talking about it since I picked up my first piece last week. I know we’ve already blogged about it on Second City Style, but I have to give my own shout-out. Subersive is designed by Justin Giunta, an artist who not only designs jaw-dropping necklaces and bracelets, but also lighting and other interior pieces. I nabbed the link chain ribbon bracelet and debated between the tri-strand cluster necklace in goldtone (pictured) and the shell ring braided necklace. By far this is one of the best executed collaboration between Target and designer. Bravo.

Now that I’m on to my third pair of Nicole Miller shoes, I think it’s only fair I let the world know how fabulous they are. Go on, take a look, try them out, I promise I won’t be mad. Nicole Miller shoes are elegant and playful, mixing unique fabrics and patterns with everyone’s favorite styles like classic pumps and summer wedge sandals. Although they’re hard to find online, DSW always has a wide selection in store.

It seems that everywhere I look (okay, every magazine I open), I see super-stylish pieces by Clu. After noting this on my favorites list and conducting a quick Google search, I called my in-the-know friend and she confirmed that indeed, it’s a hot line made completely of cotton and cotton blends that’s less expensive than the other items it hangs next to. From what I’ve seen, it looks totally modern and completely wearable.

Karta has also really been on my radar lately. I love the fun silhouettes and unique jewelled ornamentation. Karta dresses can be worn straight from work to cocktails and dinner, and will easily brighten a dull wardrobe. I’m planning on buying the yellow jewel patch scoop neck dress, but don’t worry – it comes in pink and white so you can have one, too.

It’s hard to describe just how great American Apparel is. Although on the surface it appears to simply be racks of cotton basics accompanied by pictures of scantily clad, awkward models demonstrating the wears, I find that there’s just something about walking into that Crayola-inspired wonderland that makes you want to touch, try on and thumb through all the sweatshop-free, Made in America t-shirts. My most recent purchases were a perfect white v-neck tee and the poplin cross-front dress. You can wash these items a hundred times and they’ll still retain their fit and color.

1. Subversive® for Target® Link Chain Ribbon Bracelet $19.99
2. Subversive® for Target® Tri-Strand Cluster Necklace – Goldtone $59.99
3. Clu Tucks T-Shirt in Mineral Grey/Beige $158
4. Clu Color Block Dress in Colorblock $191
5. Karta Jewel Patch Scoop Neck Dress $326
6. American Apparel Poplin Cross-Front Dress $36

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