Is Celeb Style Going European?

April 13, 2008 • Magazine

Is Celeb Style Going European?

Is Celeb Style Going European?

Sun, 2008-04-13 05:00

Simona Kogan

In a time when your typical style-savvy American woman looks to her favorite celebrities for the latest trends and the best ways to wear them, we want our celebs to represent the best in American style. And yes, many of them do with their quintessential, hip-meets-upturned conservative looks that is just so American. But when you see one carbon copy celebrity after another, you start to wonder, where are the real fashionistas, the risk-taskers, the crème de la crème of the fashion elite? The ones that wear textures and colors to make an outfit pop?

We may not even recognize those celebs, as many of them have turned away from the American look, instead opting to take a more sophisticated approach to their style sensibility and looking like the fashionistas who really know it best — the Europeans.

We’ve seen our chicest celebs opt for glossy black jumpers instead of tattered plaid and hoodies, crisp wide legs trousers instead of infamous American khakis, and sleek leggings instead of those erroneous bootcut jeans. Stars like Rihanna and Mischa Barton opt for color blocked patterns rather then monotone navy blue and gray while Eva Longoria has made an impression in frilly ruffles and cap sleeveshirts, a definite pull from those romantic Europeans who made the look classic.

What does Second City Style say about it? Well, it’s about time!

We’re so happy to see celebs trading Ralph Lauren for Miuccia Prada, short shorts for patterned minidresses, and American playfulness for European elegance. Here’s how our favorite celebs are taking a cue from the sleekest fashionistas on the otherside of the world and turning casual clothes into high style.


Sure we’ve seen lots of leggings. Leggings at the ankles and at the knee, colored leggings, patterned leggings, footless leggings, cotton leggings, and leggings that look more like tights. What we weren’t so prepared for, but what we saw sooner then we realized was an influx of leggings worn as pants—most of the shiny, patent variety.

Mind you, you have to have the right look to pull this trend off, legs not too curvy and not too thin, but that hasn’t stopped celebs like the bodaciously booty-ful Rihanna, muscular Lauren Conrad, statuesque Elle McPherson, and athletically trim Ashlee Simpson from pulling off his highly tenacious trend. And where did they get it? From the Europeans of course! Many of those French and Italian chicsters are now wearing leggings like we wear our favorite skinny jeans — out to the clubs, walking down the street, and prancing around the mall underneath a tunic or a simple scarf and shirt.

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Frills and Fire (Victorian Chic)

It seems ruffles and frills are as prevalent as ever replacing the hum-drum plain clothes look of the little black dress or the red halter top number. Although colors areopulent, frills and lace make for a sophisticated combination. Celebs are looking for any excuse to dress up like dolls and they have lots of opportunities at lavish dinner balls like the white ruffled shirt and high-waisted pencil skirt chosen by Eva Longoria when she collected a donation on behalf of the Padres Contra El Cancer Centre.

On the street, too, celebs are dressing up their everyday look with romantic cap sleeves on their otherwise plain solid color dresses, including a bit of ruffle trim around the edges, and wearing silk blouses with a tie-neck at the collar. It seems the Europeans have been doing this for ages and we’re merely lagging behind. Time to pick up the pace, A-listers!

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The Celebs Who Are Making It Happen

Sure, we’re used to it from celebs like Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins, who always have something up their sleeve—a thrilling new look, a fashion je ne se quois that makes us stand up and take notice of their elegance. It’s when stars we’re not used to seeing, do the same, replacing ruddiness with refinement, well then we really have something sophisticated a’brewin. Gwyneth Paltrow, normally a plain clothes blond dame with a fashion risk here or there is now opting for funky patterns, bright colors, and a chic new hairdo. Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway, those archetypal American girls, are choosing frou frou skirts, bright bags, big name couture labels, and latex leggings over their usual jeans and t-shirts style. And perhaps we’re getting used to the idea of Katie Holmes being a regular fashion personality, but Lauren Conrad? Yes, seems that Lauren’s high-end trip to Paris did wonders for her sophisticated look—she now wears A-line jackets and patterned silk shirts with quilted Chanel handbag perfectly in place and looking so much more appropriate.

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Lauren Conrad,
Eva Longoria,
Mary-Kate Olsen,

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