Street Cred: Spring Edition

April 13, 2008 • Magazine

Street Cred: Spring Edition

Street Cred: Spring Edition

Sun, 2008-04-13 12:00

Thomas Kikis

For those jaded, fashion obsessed souls, what is on the runway is reality. Couture is simply dressing up and avant-garde is their version of being “risky”. But what about actual reality: Fashion that doesn’t require six rounds of fittings, a personal relationship with someone at LVMH, and an American Express Centurion Black card? Sometimes, seeing what actual human beings put together can be just as inspiring as front row seats during Fashion Week.

As the weather starts to warm up, people can finally show off how they’ve decided to mix and match their highs and lows without hiding behind a puffy Moncler jacket or fussy Burberry trench. I decided to take it to the streets and see what people are wearing. Here are some of my favorites.

Michelle, 24, Law Student

What are you wearing?
My shirt is Doo.Ri for Gap, my pants are Miu Miu, and my shoes are Fendi. My clutch is Bottega Veneta. My watch is my grandpa’s old Rolex.

Why I stopped her?
Ever since Lindsay and Mischa became too drunk to pull together an actual outfit (or even call a stylist) and resorted to leggings 24/7, it seems that every twenty-something girl decided to follow suit. So when I spotted a girl wearing proper pants I knew it was too good to pass up!

Mary-Kate, 20, student at F.I.T.

What are you wearing?
My dress is Ali Ro. I don’t know where these flats are from. This bag is from the Gap… I’ve had it for years. My sunglasses are Versace.

Why I stopped her?
Mary-Kate’s dress caught my attention from across the street, and it was refreshing to see someone that wasn’t too angsty, too contrived, and UGG-free in a sea of NYU undergrads hanging around Washington Square park.

Alexia, 25, Fashion assistant

What are you wearing?
My dress is White Trumpet from Opening Ceremony, my jacket is H&M and my shoes are Lanvin. This is an old Chanel bag my mom let me have. She thinks it’s too 80’s – I say it’s vintage.

Why I stopped her?
I really liked how she wore a fatigue jacket with an elaborate studded dress. After taking a closer look, it’s actually origami folds making their way all around her dress held together with flat studs. Turns out, her jacket is for men, so I headed to H&M to get one for myself.

Look 1
Botega Veneta

Look 2

Look 3
White Trumpet
Lanvin Mary Janes

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