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April 14, 2008 • Beauty


Sexy is back and not because of Justin Timberlake. Shirley of Hollywood has launched, what I believe is their best line to date! Anyone that knows me knows my love for old Hollywood glamour. From form-enhancing bodices to intricately detailed designs, my love for old Hollywood glamour surpasses that of any new trend. So it was to my delight when Shirley of Hollywood debuted their Red Carpet Collection in commemoration of their 60th Diamond Anniversary. A modern spin on elegantly classic pieces, this line exudes luxe and sex appeal. I can’t wait to get my hands on them all! To learn more about this amazing line, read below!

– Natayle Henry



Shirley Celebrates "60 Years of Sexy" With National Model Search,
Amazing Prizes, Anniversary Specials and Red Carpet Collection

HOLLYWOOD, April 7, 2008 – For 60 years, Shirley of Hollywood has
symbolized sexy, designing quality collections that make women feel as
sensual as they look. To celebrate our 60th Diamond Anniversary,
Shirley is bringing back sexy like never before with its one-of-a-kind
Red Carpet Collection – new classics designed to flatter the modern-day
woman’s body.  Spun from gossamer silks and satins, trimmed with
luxurious laces, extravagant crystals, gilded gold and silvery
metallic, each garment spans the decades, making glamour attainable to
everyone, everywhere. Like the Hollywood starlets that inspired them,
these dazzling creations seduce and sizzle.
The Marquee Designs are glamorous vintage-inspired corsets created for
the modern diva.  Each corset features a distinctive blend of the most
sumptuous fabrics and luxurious trims uniquely crafted for the most
discerning fashionista. Lavished with Swarovski crystals, gilded in
gold or hand-painted with glitter, they are the finest in corset
couture, made to order for a flattering fit.

"Every part of a woman’s body is romanticized in this collection," said
Dana Walczuk, Shirley of Hollywood Director of Design. "Women today
have more cleavage than in the past, and our corsets mold exquisitely
to the feminine form with lace up backs and carefully crafted boning to
help lift the cleavage and nip in at the waist.  This collection slims
and supports in all the right places, enhancing curves, while helping
to whittle that middle."

Vavavoom! Flawless fit. Timeless styling. Enduring quality. Shirley really is a girl’s best friend.

This collection really plays up the classic hourglass corset silhouette
that began it all for Shirley 60 years ago.  Back in the 1800’s, having
an hourglass figure meant not breathing. Fortunately, Shirley has
reinvented today’s corset with styles that are comfortable as well as
supportive and flattering.  The four Marquee Designs corsets are the
leading ladies of Shirley’s Red Carpet Collection.

Roy Schlobohm, Shirley’s President and son of Founder Herman Schlobohm,
shares why this is Shirley’s biggest year yet:  "It’s our 60th Diamond
Anniversary and we’re celebrating in vintage fashion, with our
commemorative Red Carpet Collection, a retro revue that captures the
endless allure, intrigue and mystery of the Golden Age of Hollywood.
Thirteen glorious garments mesh old-style glamour with modern
refinement, showing that sexy is always in style, whether it’s 1948 or
2008.  Shirley’s Red Carpet Collection celebrates Hollywood Glamour
like nothing else before.   It’s a once-in-a-lifetime collection for a
once-in-a-lifetime year — our way of making Shirley’s 60th Anniversary
as special and cherished as the diamond itself. This is our biggest,
best and sexiest year yet.  If you want sexy, you want Shirley!"

"Shirley is ‘it’ when it comes to sensuous lingerie," said Eric
Schlobohm, International Sales Director.  "We offer more options than
anybody else – more styles, more colors and more than 200 varieties of
lace and trims to give every garment a luxurious touch.  Our customer
service is the best in the business.  We work to make every experience
excellent, giving our customers the best quality, the best fit and the
best selection at the best possible prices. This is truly our ‘Best of
EVERYTHING’ Collection. My grandfather Herman would be proud."

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