Designer News. Goodbye Y & Kei, Hello Hanii Y

April 16, 2008 • Fashion


This news saddens me greatly as Y & Kei‘s Fall ’08 show was one of my absilute favorites at the most recent New York Fashion Week! However, according to WWD, the husband-and-wife design team Hanii Yoon and Gene Kei are taking their company in a
new direction and are eliminating their Y & Kei designer line in
the process.

Mind you, I love the duo’s contemporary label Hanii Y so I am thrilled to see they are focusing on building up that side of the business. SK
Networks, a $20 billion Seoul-based global marketing company, is
handling these new initiatives.

In December, SK Networks
unveiled a $60 million, five-year investment plan to bolster marketing
and merchandising for the Y & Kei and Hanii Y labels, which were
started by the husband-and-wife design team. At that time, the brands
were said to generate $100 million in sales and $10 million in profits
annually. The designers, who retained their titles as creative
directors, are relocating from Seoul to Manhattan, where SK Networks is
seeking a design center to focus on broadening the pair’s global
marketing efforts.

in 2005, Hanii Y is sold in more than 320 doors worldwide. Within the
next five years, the company aims to open 35 freestanding stores in
cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, London,
Milan and Dubai.

Shop Hanii Y here.

Read "Hanii Y Ramps Up, Y & Kei Ceases Production" here.

Photo: Chicago Magazine

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