Blahnik Tonic. Ouch! My Aching Feet!

April 18, 2008 • Accessories


Every year without fail…the first day of spring(like) weather I get excited to drag my favorite flats or sandals out of hiding. You know, the first day of weather when the temperature is expected to climb over 70 degrees? That’s enough for me to think SUMMER! And every year, without fail, I forget my feet are not ready for prime time!

You see, they have been pampered all winter. Living in warm cozy socks, being slathered with lotion, getting pedicures, my digits are soft…too soft. They are not ready to be jammed into shoes sans protection (socks).

Today, after only having walked 4 city blocks (in my new Miu Miu gladiators I have been dying to wear) I came home limping….I HAVE BLISTERS! They hurt! The sandals are now resting next to my feet. I forgot to throw my arsenal of Band-Aids into my bag and my new favorite product…Band-Aid Active Flex Blister Block Stick! This stuff is genius. Rub it on the areas you normally get blisters and tada…no blisters.

I just wish I had remembered to pack my protection before I left the house. Lucky you…you’ve been reminded. I have to head back out there am scared to put anything on my feet. Is barefoot really unacceptable?

Band-Aid Active Flex Blister Block Stick
$7.19 at or available at most drugstores.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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