Go International. This Missy Goes Junior at Target.

April 21, 2008 • Magazine

I did what every Chicagoan does on the first sunny spring day. I went errand shopping. I needed to pick up a variety of things from hair bands to men’s undershirts to wear to the gym…(can you tell I am on a quest to work out and get into shape before summer?) …so what better place to check out than Target!

Touching every item that interested me in the store, I found myself looking at pieces from their Go International line. First I was attracted to a lightweight summer dress… and when I flipped over the tag I saw a size "11". Oh no – Juniors! I am over forty, so I thought maybe I shouldn’t be looking at this. But the line had a cool modern, almost Helmut Lang kind of feel if you take it one piece at a time. It looked like a lot of silver shine, neon and and poly when I stood back!

So I simply had to try some pieces on to find out if they would work. In the Isaac Mizrahi for Target dresses, a size 6 fits me perfectly. Here, I had to take a guess. I tried a 9 in one dress, a medium in another, a 7 in a skirt. I’m measuring the hip width of the garments with my eyes checking to see if my butt will fit into them! Meanwhile, I’m wondering if people are thinking I am shopping for someone else, like a daughter or a dance troop.

There were not a lot of sizes left in many of the styles, which I call the "City Wipeout Indicator." The items that only have XL and XS left are probably cute and fit well, so they are wiped out. If you like something, you may be able to find it in the suburbs, or you can go online and see if your size is available. (Target offers free shipping if you spend $50!)

Well armed, I enter the dressing room. I can only bring in six items so I make the right move by leaving the size 7 high waisted black pants in the basket, one of few sizes left by my "City Wipeout Indicator." As I would soon learn, these would be too small.


Go International® Crisscross Dress, $39.99 – City Gray/ Steel

The seersucker dress in a size 9 rode up too high on me, and there was no 11 available to try. (Size vanity flies out the window if you want to push wearing Junior sizes!) The neckline was a bit too youthful for me anyway, but I loved the grey colors, and the textured inset made it look a lot more expensive.


Go International® Satin Paperbag-Waist Skirt, $34.99 – City Gray

Next I try on the skirt. This was a 7, it fits and looked nice from the front, but the paperbag look made me look bigger from the side and back. Someone with great legs (and a tan!) would look nice in this.


Go International® Colorblock Abstract Stripe T-Back Dress, $34.99 – Gray Combo

Next I try on a black and white graphic print sheath in a medium. At first I thought, "no" but then I thought, "yes!" This longer length was appropriate for me, it lengthened my 5 foot 4 inch frame, and the light top dark bottom was flattering. The only questionably youthful thing was that it has a racer back, but I thought I could wear it a bit more casually, maybe to one of the fashion shows at a club or toss on a jacket to cover the back. This was the surprise winner!

Here are some items I liked that were wiped out of sizes… probably an indication that they are great pieces!


Go International® One-Shoulder Jersey Dress, $34.99 – Benz Blue

The jersey on this dress was a little flimsy, but a great way to get some electric blue and a one shoulder trend onto your wardrobe for only $34.99. I know you are thinking it looks like a piece from the Lauren Conrad Collection right? Correct, but with a better price tag.


Go International® Tank Tunic Dress, $22.99 – Safety Yellow

This dress has that Helmut Lang feel. Online I saw this also comes in black, which was no where to be seen in the Chicago store!


Go International® 3/4-Sleeve Pullover, $27.99 – Steel
This top has a gunmetal metallic sheen, and looked very retro-modern. Wiped out of sizes at the store!

Check out Go International at Target for yourself!

— Carol Calacci

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    I love Target clothes as well. I can usually find something cool and exciting every time I go there.

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