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April 21, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Last week’s release of the new Juno DVD got me thinking, as I re-watched the movie, just how beautiful Ellen Page
Even in her beat-up, worn-down high school wardrobe (and pregnant-suit), her tiny frame carries the ugly clothes well. And despite her character’s minimal makeup, her skin looks gorgeous. That cuteness is part of what makes her performance so believable. Juno is aware that men like her–that she must be, in some way, pretty–but she definitely doesn’t know what it is that makes her desirable. And perhaps it’s no act, because Ellen is struggling with her real-life style choices.


Ellen’s choices are hiding her quirky beauty. For starters, the girl keeps showing up to high profile events, where she is
guaranteed lots of exposure, in basic black. Now, black isn’t always a bad decision, but Page continues to be
upstaged by co-stars in color. At the Toronto Film Festival, Olivia Thirlby in blue looks good, not great, but still better than Ellen. The Juno-star herself bores in her little black dress.
Then, Ellen wore black again on the Oscar red carpet. Her flapper-inspired, vintage Jean Louis Scherrer gown failed to show off her tiny frame because of its drop waist. The tiered skirt swamped the little woman, and made her look young instead of sophisticated. The black was probably considered a
safe choice, and the old Hollywood makeup and hair were very trendy, but put together, the look ended up being mild and forgettable.

As a 21-year-old, Ellen is probably just learning what her sense of style is. She has stated many times that she isn’t interested in the typical life of a Hollywood starlet, but I hope she doesn’t shun traditional glamor as a part of it. As her stardom continues to grow, she should choose looks as daring and unique as her roles. And until she figures it out herself, maybe Miss Page can get a stylist to help her for the big events?

– Hayley Wells

Photos: WireImage, IMDb

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