More Green Things. frei Eco-Friendly Designs.

April 22, 2008 • Fashion

The Art Institute of Chicago has produced one of the most chic and ecologically aware designers out there. Annie Novotny has created a line, frei, that uses organic materials like hemp and bamboo woven into wool to construct its simple, classic looks. The colors are created with vegetable-based dyes, and even the tags are recycled paper. While the sustainability of the line is important to Novotny, the style and design is just as critical. The line’s mission statement proves it: "While the team at frei is careful to keep an eye toward emerging trends within the industry, they are more influenced by experience, finding inspiration through travel, unique materials, and extensive research and study of the history of dress." Though joining the masses of new green designers, frei doesn’t let its signature style fall by the wayside.




You can find frei designs in Chicago at Pivot Boutique, 1101 West Fulton Market at Aberdeen Street. To check it out online, try frei‘s site to browse or Pivot’s site to purchase.

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  1. Derilyn says:

    The fitted vest and shirt are tres chic. The jacket is really cute too and would be great to wear in this warmer weather we’re starting to get.

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